Nutritank understands your companies commercial need for market access and BD.

NUTRITANK has a vast database of  HCPs in primary and secondary care from the NHS and private sector.

NUTRITANK is an accredited CPD/CME provider of online education for physicians, surgeons, nurses and AHPs and is regulated by the UK based CPD Standards Office.  Nutritank works with the sponsor and focuses on inviting the HCPs that the company wishes to reach.  Options for companies include.

  • CME Medical masterclass with 1 speaker.
  • CME Webinar with 1-2 speakers.
  • CME panel sessions with 3-6 panellists.

Benefits for companies include

  • Brand seen by 100+ HCPs per CME session
  • Data analytics
  • HCPs can tick the GDPR box to request product information to be sent to them.
  • Highly cost effective market access with follow up BD opportunity.

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