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IBLM Diploma

Lifestyle Medicine Certification

Applications now open for 2021 diploma!

Eligibility: Full member of BSLM – Clinician, Public health professional, or health practitioner.

Duration: 40 hours + Annual Exam

BSLM is now offering members the opportunity to obtain certification from the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine (IBLM).

Certification can be undertaken from a clinical or public health perspective. Certification demonstrates your commitment to, and expertise in, Lifestyle Medicine, augmenting your clinical or public health practice with a solid grounding in preventing, managing and reversing chronic and lifestyle-related disease.

Watch the videos on the BSLM website to better understand the reasons for certification and the importance of having an internationally-recognised and consistent standard for Lifestyle Medicine professionals.

What’s involved …

  • 30 hours of self-directed online Lifestyle Medicine specific CPD – see website
  • 10 hours of in-person Lifestyle Medicine specific CPD eg: attendance at Lifestyle Medicine conferences including the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine’s annual conference (a reminder that the 2020 Conference which had to go virtual due to Covid 19, would not qualify as it was not “in person”)
  • A formal case study of your experience/practice/application of Lifestyle Medicine (submitted no later than one month before the exam)

Formal annual exam

  • 150 multiple choice questions for Lifestyle Medicine physicians (four hours)
  • 120 multiple choice questions for Lifestyle Medicine professionals/practitioners (three hours)

The next IBLM/BSLM certification exam will be held in a test centre near you between the 27th of November and 11th of December 2021.

(CPD must not be older than three years prior to the exam)

Price Details

Certified Physician* – £1,395.00 (single up-front payment)

Certified Professional** – £1,195.00 (single up-front payment)

Certified Practitioner** – £1,195.00 (single up-front payment)

*Including Registration fee £200 which is non-refundable
**Including Registration fee £134 which is non-refundable

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