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Nutrition and Disease Prevention

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Understand how good nutrition can prevent disease

Duration: 4 weeks
Cost: Free

Diet-related diseases and obesity levels are rising. On this course you will explore the relationship between diet and disease and the role diet plays in weight management. You will examine the latest research studies to consider how poor nutrition can lead to ill health, and whether what we eat can help to prevent the onset of common diseases, such as cancer.

You will also look at micronutrients, and how a diet low in micronutrients can lead to health problems, and you’ll whether supplements can play a role in a healthy diet.

What topics will you cover?

  • How some nutrient deficiency can lead to health-related problems
  • Relationship between cancer and micronutrient deficiency, such as iron or fish oil.
  • The use of supplements and healthy eating for disease prevention or weight control.

(CPD must not be older than three years prior to the exam)

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