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Plant Based Nutrition

Plant Based Nutrition 2021/22


Duration: 8 weeks
Cost: From £150


About this course

This is a fully online, 8-week, distance learning course, facilitated and taught by Dr Shireen Kassam. It will require 6 hours of study per week and consists of a combination of written material, pre-recorded lectures, quizzes to test learning and a weekly compulsory written discussion on a controversial topic. The course can be worked through in your own time but all the content needs to be completed each week. This distance-learning course is delivered via Canvas. There is no live component to the course.

This course has been accredited for 30 CPD hours by the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (BSLM) and can be counted towards Maintenance of Certification for the diploma in lifestyle medicine by the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine. On completion of the course, participants will be issued a certificate of completion from the University. Please note that the certificate itself is not a formal qualification. The course is open to those in and outside the UK.

Course Content

The course will start by discussing the main dietary determinants of disease, disability and death, focussing on data from the United Kingdom and comparing with international data sets. It will discuss different types of nutrition studies and common dietary patterns. The course will review the role of nutrition in promoting optimal health and wellbeing. Key components of a healthy plant-based diet will be covered, including nutrients of abundance and those that are notable for their relative absence. There will then be an in-depth review of the scientific literature supporting the role of plant-based nutrition in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. This will include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, dementia, obesity, bone health, women’s health and gastrointestinal disorders. In the final week, comparisons will be made with other popular diet patterns, such as ‘low-carb’ and ‘Paleo’ diets, and national and international nutrition guidelines will be reviewed with analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. The connection between our diet choices and the impact on the environment will be explored and a model of sustainable farming will be presented.

Course dates

The course will repeat every academic term. The 2022/2023 academic year start dates are:

October 4th 2022

January 17th 2023

March 21st 2023

May 23rd 2023 

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