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Superfoods: Myths and Truths

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Superfoods: Myths and Truths

Duration: 4 weeks
Cost: Free

Explore the definition and impact of superfoods

Goji berries, quinoa, amaranth and green tea are all foods that have been labelled ‘superfoods’. But what does this superfood label actually mean?

On this course you will learn about the definition of a ‘superfood’. You will consider the biological, neuroscientific and social aspects of superfoods. Developing your critical abilities, you will also evaluate the impact of the superfood phenomenon on society and the economy.

What topics will you cover?

  • What is a superfood?
  • Are superfoods different from functional foods and nutraceuticals?
  • How can we critically evaluate superfoods and their role in our diet?
  • Are there dangers connected to superfoods intake?
  • Can superfoods have a role in special diets?

(CPD must not be older than three years prior to the exam)

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