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Field Doctor x Nutritank

By December 9, 2021No Comments

Field Doctor has a simple but big goal, to create meals to feed your health.
Using the latest nutritional science, registered dietitian and co-founder Sasha designs meals that people can personalise for their specific health needs and dietary choices.

Matt, their chef, takes whole food ingredients and crafts them into delicious, nutritionally supercharged award-winning meals in their Somerset kitchen.
Delivered frozen to lock in the nutrition and taste, direct to people’s doors, ready to heat and eat for 100% effortless health.

Field Doctor launched nationally in Jan 2021, including the UK’s first range of certified low FODMAP meals by Monash University.

Nutritank have teamed up with Field Doctor to offer you the chance to win a bundle of meals worth over £60.

Click here to enter the competition!

Esha Dandekar

Esha is a Medical Student at UCL, the Co-lead for the UCL Nutritank Branch and the Digital Media Manager for Nutritank. Having just completed her intercalation in Sports and Exercise Medicine, she is training to be a Personal Trainer and has just started her fitness blog @_fitwithesha. She is passionate about public health, food systems and exercise medicine and is interested in discovering more about the role of physical activity and nutrition in disease management.

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