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I’m James Dabbs, Strength and conditioning coach, and Founder/Director of Dabbs Fitness, my fitness company based in Marylebone, London, where we have a private gym and specialise in Personal Training and small group personal training. Our philosophy is very holistic, incorporating all aspects of training, strength, fitness, mobility, movement, and a whole host of lifestyle factors which all tie into one another. We very much believe in a tailored approach to training, and ensure every client is following their bespoke program, even in the small group classes.

Along with performance and aesthetic goals for our athlete clients, we have had some life changing results, helping some clients improve their training, diet, and lifestyle to drastically decrease cholesterol. Helping older clients improve their bone density levels through strength training, and helping prevent diseases such as osteo-perosis, and also helping some clients gain confidence, for example after break ups, or tough times in their life.

I very much believe in educating our clients and trying to teach them how best to live, and explaining to them why aspects such as training, and diet, and general lifestyle factors are so important. As a preventative measure, I have seen first-hand how effective a tool fitness is, both for mental and physical wellbeing.

The work Nutritank are doing to help educate doctors on these matters is life changing for many people, and I hope that through this, more people can look to preventative factors such as exercise, to prevent both mental and physical health problems, allowing more people to live better, longer lives.

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Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @dabbs_fitness

James Dabbs

Founder, Director of DABBS Fitness

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