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Nutritank’s vision is to be part of the movement for real change in greater nutrition and lifestyle medicine within medical training. The realisation of that vision took one step closer with the launch of the new UK undergraduate curriculum in Nutrition last October. 

However, medical training doesn’t finish at graduation and here at Nutritank we are not content in standing still. Lifelong learning has long been seen as an ideal for any medical school curriculum and that is something we want to promote at Nutritank. Like medical students, junior doctors do not get enough teaching in clinical nutrition, and this leads to negative outcomes for patients.

Given this, I would like to introduce Nutritank’s Junior Doctor Network (JDN). Using the momentum gained from last summer’s brilliant junior doctor webinar series, led by JDN co-lead Dr Emma Astaire, we have established a group of junior doctors from multiple specialties, across multiple hospitals and general practices, all with a passion for nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

Our goals are to make nutrition and lifestyle education more available for doctors, improve the food environment within hospitals and produce quality research with evidence-based medicine at is core.

We will be launching the JDN with Nutritank’s social media accounts later this month so keep watching and I hope you can join us on this exciting next chapter for Nutritank.

See you all soon!

Dr Charlie Timms

If you are or you know a junior doctor who would like to be involved in the JDN then please email [email protected]

Dr Charlie Timms

Dr Charlie Timms, junior doctor working within the Severn deanery and part of the Junior Doctor Network.

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