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Hi, Selina and Francesca here, we are both 2nd year Human Nutrition students at the University of Westminster with a big passion for food and nutrition. Together we believe that nutrition is important for health as we think it contributes to social, mental and physical wellbeing. 

Here is a little bit about ourselves:

‘It was only after having my second child that I discover my passion for nutrition. I suffered from low mood, and it was only once I engaged in getting back to exercise and eating well, I realised the positive effects good nutrition can have. I love being at Westminster, and although I’m still not sure where I’ll end up I love creating recipes, working with people, and would love to contribute to changes within the food industry. 

 ‘When I left school I didn’t really know what I wanted to do and felt quite unfulfilled. I always had a love for food, but It wasn’t until a little later that I discovered my passion for nutrition. Now I am at uni I really enjoy what I do and love constantly learning new things and seeing the impact nutrition can have on people’s health. Some of my interests in the nutrition world include gut health, sports nutrition and food policy.’ 

Why we started The Nutrinerds:

 We both have similar interests and most importantly a massive passion for food, health and wellbeing. Towards the end of our first year, we decided that we wanted to share our knowledge and then quite quickly decided to create an account with each other. It has been a great outlet to express ourselves, support each other and promote evidence-based nutrition. It has also provided a platform to work with others and learn.  

 Which leads us on to why we support Nutritank:

We believe that it is important for the extended nutrition education for medical students to be there so they feel comfortable in giving advice and opening up a conversation about nutrition. Nutritank provides a great platform for improving this knowledge and advice. We passionately believe that through teaching and working together we can create a better level of care.



Instagram: the_nutrinerds

Email: [email protected]

Francesca and Selina

Francesca & Selina are 2nd year Human Nutrition students at the University of Westminster.

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