Is Public Health Nutrition all about EatWell plates and 5aday?

Anyone that follows my journey @alimorpeth_nutrition will be familiar with my view – Public Health Nutrition is a portfolio career. 

It can be hugely exciting!  No one day is ever the same. One day you might be representing a global food brand, the next a national NGO. The pace of change can be fast – there is never a dull moment. 

What does it take? 

  1. You need to be equally creative and scientific in your work! Yes, nutrition is a science, but we aren’t going to find solutions to the world’s biggest problems, like Type 2 Diabetes, without thinking outside the box!  
  2. Public health nutrition is a team sport – you’ll need to work in partnerships to deliver impact. Organisations like Nutritank are useful at helping to join up the dots across all medical professions to facilitate this work
  3. You’ll need to build your network. Commit to investing in personal relationships and realise that securing contracts is all about who you know. 

If you think this could be up your street read on to see what was in my portfolio last week.

I worked with different clients on some exciting briefs including:

  • Coming up with a statistical model for predicting obesity trends 
  • Creating an online nutrient profile model to test babyfoods
  • Running a community workshop on sugar reduction
  • Writing a grant proposal 
  • Pitching a nutrition story to the media
  • Talking to a local authority about incorporating  nutrition in child health interventions 

We need more Public Health Nutritionists – could this be the career for you? To find out more, visit the Association for Nutrition or DM me to set up a time to talk! 



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