NNEdPro Fifteen-Year Impact Report:

NNEdPro. Building on over a decade and a half of nutrition education, research and innovation.

NUTRITANK was privileged to meet the NNEdPro team to celebrate their outstanding report on their activities, outputs and expertise from the last 15 years

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Founded in Cambridge (UK) in 2008 and directed by Professor Sumantra (Shumone) Ray, the NNEdPro Global Institute along with its partner initiatives seeks to advance and implement food and nutrition knowledge for health and society.

At least one in nine people will go hungry today, yet 2.6 billion are overweight or obese globally.

Countless individuals also experience ‘hidden hunger’ due to a lack of micronutrients.

For many, a nutritious diet is simply unavailable or unaffordable.

We believe that everyone has the right to access healthy food and that global malnutrition can be resolved through equity, collaboration, knowledge sharing and technology. Led by cutting-edge academic research, we look to benefit vulnerable families and communities on-the-ground, as our education programmes train frontline healthcare and nutrition professionals throughout the world.

Together, through interdisciplinary partnerships, we can improve food and health systems – from production through to consumption, and beyond into healthcare – to change behaviours and facilitate sustainable improvements in global nutrition.

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