The Nutrition Implementation Coalition

Who are we ?

A coalition of independent, non-profit organisations who believe we urgently need to raise the issue of a serious lack of nutrition training for health care professionals, leading to a largely neglected element of patient care and population health. This coalition will meet quarterly and form the steering committee for the NNEdPro-ERimNN UK and Ireland Regional Network.

As the Nutrition Implementation Coalition we share ideas and expertise. We are independent organisations but with a shared goal to promote a sustainable, ethical and evidence-based nutrition care including when to refer on to a dietitian or nutritionist.

NNEdPro — ERimNN

ERimNN is the ‘Education and Research in Medical Nutrition Network’ co-founded by Kathy Martyn and Elaine MacAnaninch in Brighton. ERimNN is a KEY STRATEGIC PARTNER of the NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health in Cambridge with cross appointment of ERimNN founders into the Executive of the NNEdPro Global Innovation Panel and reciprocal/equivalent cross appointment of relevant NNEdPro leaders into ERimNN.

Purpose of the Nutrition Implementation Coalition

  • Broadening the conversation about nutrition in health for patient benefit;

  • Increasing the education around food competence in health professionals’ curricula;

  • Designing and implementing, educational resources for health professionals;

  • Implementation research and evaluation around nutrition and diet; and

  • Sustainable nutrition focus to support healthcare.

Research conducted by the coalition

Time for nutrition in medical education

Aim To synthesise a selection of UK medical students’ and doctors’ views surrounding nutrition in medical education and practice.

The coalition had identified roles within the research:

  • ERImNN led curriculum review and medical student led evaluations
  • Nutritank carried out online surveys to assess opinions of medical students and junior doctors regarding their nutrition training
  • NNEdPro undertook semi – qualitative interviews with junior doctors to assess barrier to nutritional care on wards, and led semi-qualitative online surveys of medical students to assess where further training within nutrition is desired

For further information on results and discussion view:

For a visual summary of study outcomes view the infographic below:

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Coalition Members - Explained


Nutritank – An innovative information hub of food, nutrition and lifestyle medicine. Promoting the need for greater nutrition and lifestyle medicine education within healthcare training and empowering members of the public to improve their health.


Culinary Medicine – Culinary Medicine is a unique combination of nutrition and culinary knowledge to assist doctors learn the foundations of clinical nutrition as well as how best to motivate their patients to lead healthier lives using food. This course is RCGP accredited and designed to give participants a foundation in clinical nutrition and practical cooking skills.

NNEdPRO – To establish the NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health as a world leading and highly innovative think-tank, training academy and knowledge network, bringing together the best of education, research, evaluation and advocacy, particularly in Nutrition-related aspects of health and healthcare systems.


ERiMN – ERiMNN (The education and research in medical nutrition network) was co-founded by Dr Kathy Martyn and Elaine Macaninch to link Brighton and Sussex Medical school with educators, students, researchers and clinicians with an interest in nutrition in medicine. The aim is to encourage collaboration across different professions and community projects to increase capacity for local nutrition education and research.



Video cartoon created by Nutritank team member Helene Pans

Coalition cross-links infographic designed by Esha Dandekar

Graphic visual summary based on the peer-reviewed paper ‘Time for Nutrition in Medical Education’ published in BMJ designed by Esha Dandekar