Decoding Food and Nutrition Labels for the public (1 CME Point).

Event Dates:

7:00 pm Monday 16th Oct 2023

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David Titman

BSc, MSc, PGCE, RNutr

David is a registered nutritionist (RNutr) and food scientist with multinational experience in advising the food sector. He takes creative, pragmatic approaches to working with companies in developing their responsible food strategies, which has led to significant positive change in charitable, commercial and educational settings.

As a regular university lecturer, he keeps closely up to date on the latest research in food and nutrition and with a third-degree black belt in karate, he spends much of his time away from nutrition, practising and teaching martial arts.


  • An introduction to mandatory and voluntary nutritional labelling on packaged food
  • Strengths and limitations of nutritional declarations
  • Strengths and limitations of using traffic lights on foods
  • How nutrition labelling can help people make better food choices for them

Learning outcomes:

  • You will learn what different types of nutritional information are available on different foods
  • You will understand the complex relationship between nutrition labels and nutritional guidelines
  • You will understand the difference between nutrition claims and health claims on foods and how they can be communicated
  • You will learn how to decode nutritional declarations to better inform food purchasing decisions
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