Following the Principles of The Mediterranean Diet for South Asian Patients for better health (1 CME Point)

Event Dates:

7:00 pm Monday 5th Feb 2024

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Fareeha Jay


Fareeha Jay is an award winning dietitian and has been working as a Diabetes Specialist for the last 6 years. She delivers educational sessions to people newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

Fareeha has a specialist interest in South Asian diets and provides specialist advice to South Asians across the globe. She is extremely passionate about providing the best available nutrition advice to the people with South Asian background which is what led her to develop the South Asian Eatwell Guide.

She is also a dietitian with a high social media profile and uses evidence-based nutrition to support communication messages to the public, again focusing on ethnic minority groups, regularly featuring in print, broadcast, and social media.

Fareeha Jay has a social media following from over 99 countries across the globe. She has built up a following of more than 700,000 over all social media platforms.

She has the experience of conducting talks and workshops to community groups organisations and schools on varied topics

1 Hour Webinar


  • What is a Mediterranean Diet?
  • Evidence behind Mediterranean diet (diabetes/hypertension/menopause/dementia).
  • Provision of culturally competent advice.
  • Adapting the Mediterranean diet to a South Asian diet.
  • Case study.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Being aware of the evidence behind Mediterranean diet and how it can improve health outcomes.
  2. To break down barriers by providing culturally appropriate advice.
  3. To support South Asian patients to eat well.
  4. To provide practical tips to South Asian patients on the philosophy of the Mediterranean diet .
  5. Being aware of the tools and resources available to health professionals and patients.
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