How to discuss Diet and Self-care with Patients with Cardiovascular Disease during your NHS Clinic (1 CME Point)

Event Dates:

7:00 pm Monday 18th Dec 2023

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Dr Iain Broadley


Dr Iain Broadley is a medical doctor, published scientist, 2019 BBC Food and Farming award winner and co-founder of Nutritank – an award-winning information and innovation hub for food, nutrition and lifestyle medicine. On a mission to fill the medical curricula gap with greater nutrition and lifestyle medicine training.

During his medical studies at Bristol university, Iain co-founded Nutritank, having found that nutrition and lifestyle medicine education, within the medical curricula, was not adequate to combat the rising level of lifestyle-related chronic disease. Nutritank now has 25 medical student-led Nutritank branches across the U.K, where students coordinate, organise and execute educational workshops within this space.

Iain is also a regular speaker at medical innovation conferences and has raised the issue on multiple major media publications, such as BBC Radio 4s’, “The Food Programme”, BBC News online and cooking alongside Jamie Oliver on his show “Jamie and Jimmys Friday Night Feast” (December 28th 2018).

Following the show, Iain and his team helped Jamie’s campaign team to organise the “#nutrition4medics” media campaign. This was successful in adding a clause to the NHS Long Term Plan introducing a commitment to increase nutrition education for medical professionals.

Iain has recently graduated as a foundation year one doctor, and volunteered to enter the NHS early to help out during the COVID-19 pandemic. He currently lives in Brighton.


  • Short introduction of the underlying aetiology of modifiable risk factors contributing to cardiovascular disease
  • Case Base Scenarios from real life clinical situations
  • Registered Nutrition Expert analysis of the dietary patterns of patients within the Case Base scenarios and what advice you could be giving instead

Learning Outcomes 

  • Explain what modifiable risk factors contribute to CVD
  • You will learn the necessary consultation structure to practice the lifestyle conversation with patients / clients following the webinar
  • You will be able to identify clear modifiable risk factors within a patient’s social history that could be contributing to the condition
  • You will understand the lifestyle consultation structure with the ability to practice a behaviour change conversation with patients / clients following the webinar
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