Metabolic disease and surgery: The Anaesthetic perspective (1 CME Point)

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7:00 pm Monday 13th Nov 2023

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Dr Hanlie du Plessis


Hanlie grew up in South Africa and after completing her medical degree she moved to Scotland to complete her post graduate training in Anaesthesia. She worked as a consultant anaesthetist in the West and Central Scotland before moving to Oxford in 2015. Her work involves anaesthesia for major emergencies, spinal trauma, urology and gynaecological procedures.
She has been awarded for her compassionate care and previously nominated for the ‘Doctor of the Year’ award in Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.
She was instrumental in establishing their departmental wellbeing and sustenance initiative during the pandemic. She is the lead for clinical governance in her group and teaches medical students from the University of Oxford on their rotation in anaesthesia.
She is a holistic clinician and practices as a life coach working with clinicians to prevent burnout and find clarity to navigate their career transitions.

She is currently training in lifestyle medicine which aligns with her interests in preventative medicine. She lives by her values of empathy, empowerment and equality-especially for women in medicine.

She regularly practices yoga, reads as much as possible, loves the outdoors, the ocean and coffee.


  • The ‘ABCDE’ of ob*sity and anaesthesia:

A: Airway management
B: Breathing: obstructive sleep apnoea; intra-operative ventilation
C: Circulation: Effects of obesity on cardiovascular system eg hypertension, cardiac function. Technical challenges eg lines D: Diabetes management and deep venous thrombosis
E: Emergency setting

  • Patient journey: from pre-operative assessment to post operative care
  • Q&A


  • Airway challenges in obese patients.
  • Peri-operative ventilatory challenges in the obese patient.
  • Diabetes: pre-operative control  and peri-op management Importance of pre-operative cardiovascular optimisation.
  • Anaesthetic options for the obese patient.
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