Nutrition advice for patients with pancreatic cancer (1 CME Point)

Event Dates:

7:00 pm Monday 6th Nov 2023

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Rachel White

BSc, MSc, PgCert, PgDip, RD

Rachel is a registered dietitian who graduated in 2016 from Kings College London. She works part time in the NHS working with oncology patients, but has worked across a number of medical specialties including intensive care, surgery and respiratory. She also runs her own company Rachel White Nutrition providing sports nutrition advice to athletes. Rachel joined Nutritank as Lead Dietitian in March 2021 to help promote evidence based nutrition for medics and support the wider team with this mission. She believes that increased nutrition training for Doctors and medical students will not only enhance the care provided to their patients but also improve collaborations with dietitians and registered nutritionists. In her free time you will often find Rachel trail running – preferably running up some hills, cycling or baking cakes.


  • Guidelines and recommendations for pancreatic cancer.
  • Pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy (PERT).
  • Nutrition support and how to manage PERT .

Learning outcomes:

  • The importance of nutrition in pancreatic cancer.
  • You will learn what the current guidelines recommend for the nutrition support of pancreatic cancer patients.
  • Identification of malabsorption and the need for pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy.
  • The importance of PERT and how to support your patient to take it correctly.


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