Nutrition and Productivity: Enhancing Performance through Healthy Eating & Nutrition to combat stress (1 CME Point)

Event Dates:

7:00 pm Monday 29th Jan 2024

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Sarah Gashier


Meet Sarah Gashier, a seasoned Registered Public Health Nutritionist and the visionary founder of SG Wellbeing. With a dynamic career that spans various industries and organizations, Sarah brings a wealth of experience to the table, offering a unique perspective on nurturing environments that enhance the lives, performance, and overall well-being of individuals and organizations alike.

Drawing from her extensive background in healthcare, including a valuable tenure at the NHS, Sarah intimately understands the intricacies and challenges of healthcare delivery. However, her expertise isn’t confined to healthcare; it spans diverse sectors. Sarah was shortlisted for the esteemed ‘True Leader in Wellbeing’ award, recognizing her transformative role in advancing health and well-being. Additionally, her outstanding work in improving the well-being of London businesses led to a commendation from the Mayor of London, further underlining
her dedication to creating healthier workplaces.

Sarah’s holistic approach centers on championing healthy eating, providing vital mental health support, and cultivating thriving workplaces. Her toolkit is based on evidence-backed strategies for cultivating healthier work environments, with a flexible approach that can be tailored to different industries. Her unwavering commitment to
holistic health and well-being drives her mission to help
organizations foster cultures that prioritize both physical and mental health, offering a transformative journey for individuals and organizations to thrive


  • Introduction
  • Welcome and Introduction:
  • Section 1: The Link Between Nutrition and Performance
  • Evidence on Nutrition’s Impact on Performance
  • Section 2: Nutrition Challenges for Healthcare Professionals (8 minutes)
  • Challenges Faced by Healthcare Professionals
  • Section 3: Evidence-Based Strategies for Healthy Eating
  • Practical Strategies for Healthcare Professional
  • Section 4: Combatting Stress Through Nutrition
  • Nutrition as a Tool for Stress Management
  • Section 5: Workplace Initiatives and Support
  • Promoting Healthy Eating in the Healthcare Setting
  • Conclusion and Key Takeaways

Learning objectives

1.Gain an understanding of the direct relationship between nutrition and the performance and well-being of healthcare professionals.

2. Recognize common nutrition challenges experienced by healthcare professionals and their impact on job performance.

3. Apply evidence-based strategies to effectively incorporate healthy eating into their demanding schedules.

4. Understand how nutrition plays a role in managing stress and building resilience.

5. Explore workplace initiatives and available resources that promote healthier dietary choices for healthcare professionals.

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