The role of physical activity in cancer prevention and survival (1 CME Point) By Matt Lambert

Benefits of physical activity How much is recommended How physical activity reduces cancer risk The benefits of pysical activity for those living with and beyond cancer Practical tips to enourage our patients/clients to move more

Event Dates:

7:00 pm Monday 1st Jul 2024

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Matt Lambert

Nutritionist/ Health Promotion/ Public Health/ Physical activity specialist

Matt Lambert is the Health Information and Promotion Manager for World Cancer Research (WCRF), a leading charity in the area of nutrition and lifestyle medicine interventions and cancer prevention.

Learning outcomes from the webinar:

1.The broader benefits of physical activity: physical and mental

2. How much physical activity is recommended

3.How physical activity can reduce cancer risk

4.How physical activity is beneficial for those with cancer

5.How can we motivate our patients/clients to move more

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