The Weight of the Issue: Unveiling the Complexities of Obesity (1 CME point) By Kayennat Toofany

An open and honest discussion on the nuances of obesity and unwanted weight gain focusing on compassionate person centered care. A Journey of how many factors can influence weight and obesity and how I as a dietitian despite my nutrition knowledge, cooking skills, and financial privilege still became obese.

Event Dates:

7:00 pm Monday 24th Jun 2024

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Kayennat Toofany

"Expert Generalist" Registered Dietitian

Kayennat Toofany is a passionate clinical dietitian with a strong commitment to helping people improve or manage their health through nutrition. She is an excellent cook, and love to feed people. She is a natural problem solver (never find she is also a natural problem finder). She is also an ENTP-T, which means she is creative, curious, and always looking for new challenges.

Learning outcomes from the webinar are:

1.The complexity n of obesity

2. Outside of diet and exercise what else contributes to obesity

3. Why sustainable long term weight loss is hard

4. The dangers of weight stigma and bias in healthcare

5. Is excess weight ever protective?

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