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At Juno we strongly believe wellbeing isn’t just ‘belly breaths and lunges’. The definition of wellbeing has evolved over time and what ‘works’ for you, might not ‘work’ for me. Here at Juno we work with over 300 of the highest quality partners from all walks of life to help build a sustained wellbeing for our users.

We think about the returning parents whose biggest stress is leaving work on time to pick the kids up, rushing home to make dinner, finishing off the report your boss asked for…then doing a house clean. We manage the mundane, boring but quite frankly necessary house chores so you can spend an extra 3 hours with your loved ones. We’ll pick up your laundry, we’ll sort out a nanny, we’ll make sure the house is spotless and we’ll even deliver you a veg box or healthy meal selection – all so you can focus on the better things in life.

Juno has a number of partners all designed to bring out the best version of yourself. We don’t need research to tell us that when you feel fulfilled, enriched and full of life we feel our happiest. Juno doesn’t just help with your psychological wellbeing, it helps with your emotional wellbeing. We’re here to give you that little nudge and help you take the plunge towards your new hobby or career growth. With over 100 learning experiences to choose from, you’ll be feeling emotional fulfilled before you know it.

A healthy body is a healthy mind. They work together, and we help you find that balance. Vitamins, fruit and veg boxes, nutritionists, fitness classes…. a collection of partners to help build a healthy body. Whether it’s an intense workout, a slow flow, a floating experience or a personal pack of vitamins – it’s important to identify what works for you and guide you into a healthy living and stronger sustained mindset.

As a community our historical views of mental health have been largely focused on our psychological wellbeing. Now more than ever is the time to break this mould and recognise the need for a more supported and sustained way of living. One that captures every aspect of our life and guides us to the strongest version of ourself.

We love recognising and working with brands who are pushing the boundaries and challenging the norm; this is exactly what our friends at Nutritank are doing. Their culture and fundamentally reason for launching is a wonderful example of a community recognising the need to do more – in particular in the nutrition and lifestyle medicine area. Their expertise and guidance is helping the wider society to make more informed choices and in turn creating a healthier body and mindset.

Verity Roach

Head of Marketing at Juno, the on-demand wellness platform. Here at Juno we are redefining what wellbeing means and creating a personal platform that's controlled by the user.

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