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Hannah ( RNutr) – I am a Registered Public Health Nutritionist with 4 years’ experience in the field. My passion for nutrition stems from a young age, where I spent much of my time cooking with my Grandparents. This led me on to firstly study BSc (hons) Human Biology and Psychology to give me a broad understanding of the factors that influence our food choices and the biology of the human body. I then specialised further for my MSc and studied Public Health Nutrition. I have worked with a variety of clients from babies, children and teenagers to adults.

Jasmine ANutr- I am an Associate Registered Nutritionist with three years of experience in the field. I became inspired to work in Public Health during a Spanish lesson in Year 12 where I read an article about the increase in Childhood obesity in Spain. The more I researched nutrition, it became clear it was the career I wanted to pursue as it combined my love for food and science.  I am currently working as a Healthy Living Nutritionist for the NHS advising families in North London to lead a healthier lifestyle.
Together we combined our passion for nutrition and health promotion to create Power in Nutrition (PNuts) with the aim to empower families to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle. Ultimately, we would like to work alongside all health professionals to give the best support and expert advice.

Through our experience as Nutritionists we have come across many clients with conditions where diet plays a significant role. In some cases, clients have been given advice which wouldn’t match our own. This is why we believe Nutritank’s work is so important so we can all give consistent messages patients and clients know they can trust.






Website: powerinnutrition.comTwitter: @MeganLeePhD

Email: [email protected]

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