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5 years of medical school – that’s over 8000 hours of study – and the word nutrition was mentioned a grand total of once. Perhaps that’s unfair, I think there was also a mention of ‘five-a-day’ and a ‘balanced diet’, but for university students even the most ‘balanced diet’ probably leaves much to be desired.

As a GP trainee, I’m often asked about lifestyle related topics. With a background in sport and as a personal trainer it’s something I’ve long been interested in. I am not alone in this. There is a growing number of doctors seeking further education in this domain due to lack of training at medical school. This is especially important in today’s society with social media providing an array of lifestyle information for patients which may be unverified and inaccurate. 

So how can we help patients’ get the advice they need? As doctors – and especially as GPs – I believe we should take responsibility to seek education on lifestyle medicine so we can direct patients to the best sources of information. This is where Nutritank comes in. It is a thinktank that aims to provide learning opportunities for both medical students and doctors alike, covering nutrition and lifestyle medicine. As the old saying goes, prevention (in some cases), really is better than cure.

I think this is a hugely exciting and forward-thinking area of medicine of which Nutritank is now a spearhead! 

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Sarah Bailey

Dr. Sarah Bailey, aka ‘The Gym Medic’ is a GP trainee, personal trainer and sports medic based in the West Midlands. Running a blog, ‘The Gym Medic’, alongside her other endeavours, Sarah hopes to make lifestyle medicine integral in her clinical practice.

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