#leadbyexample –  Healthcare Professionals lead by example to inspire others to live healthier lives

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Iain believes that we should aim to do some form of movement that we enjoy, rather than framing physical exercise as yet another boring task of the day. This mindset frames our movement as something to look forward to doing, anything that gets you moving counts! For Iain that means a walk-in nature, a swim in the sea or regular yoga are what keeps him feeling on top of his game and feeling refreshed – the changes he sees in himself are what inspires him to help others and his patients. Recently Iain has completed two Full Ironman Triathlon events in Portugal October 2022 and Australia May 2023. He completed these with escalating training in small incremental steps over a year and a dietary pattern inspired by the Nutritank educational content. Prior to completing the Ironman, he was using the NHS Couch to 5K platform that initially helped him past a mental block in moving regularly, demonstrating we all need to start somewhere.


When it comes maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Dr Ally advocates for an approach of progress rather than perfection. Growing up Ally wasn’t a natural when it came to sports at school and found it hard to get stuck in. However, Ally’s mom inspired her to fall in love with other forms of movement. Since Ally was 6 years old, her mom has been a Pilates teacher. Ally loves both Pilates and Yoga and feels a great sense of strength and empowerment from her practices. Ally is also an avid walker, especially with her 4- legged friends.


Rachel has a passion for exploring and she feels there is no better way to achieve this than running through the trails and up hills. There is a real feeling of achievement when you reach the top of a hill and admire the view or cross the finish line of a race. She can also regularly be found cycling, skiing, ski touring and surfing. As a dietitian, Rachel is no stranger to nutrition, but enjoys spending time cooking a variety of cuisines and testing new recipes.


As a busy mom with three young children, I have found attending the gym and exercise classes very difficult. I’ve have learned to embrace more unstructured exercise to ensure daily physical activity – taking a walk with the children, going to the park with them and playing, and putting on music in the house and moving to it whilst doing jobs. Earlier this year I started doing ladies’ football and have been going whenever it is possible considering childcare and other responsibilities. I was nervous to try something new, but had always wanted to play. Playing football has been such a joy, and requires a lot of different skills: focus, running, kicking, tackling and scoring goals. It’s so important to try new things and keep challenging ourselves to grow! I now also take my girls out and have been teaching them to play. Please be encouraged if you have limited time and resource, all types of movement count. I really hope you find ways of staying active which you enjoy and are accessible to you.


Shahnaz watched a health documentary on the benefits of movement for health which inspired her to transform her life. Prior she led a highly sedentary life, would avoid physical education lessons like the plague as a child and would not even jog for the bus. Aged 27,she took on the NHS couch to 5k challenge in 2017 and when a colleague introduced her to parkrun her running journey escalated and she completed her first marathon in 2019 and 15 more after that, including qualifying as a good for age runner in the London Marathon. She had a vision of being an Ironman (140 mile triathlon) and took up cycling during the COVID19 pandemic and persuaded some kind people at the local leisure centre to help her with learning front crawl. In the summer of 2021 she completed a full distance triathlon of 140 miles and in the post event buzz she quickly signed up for a second one, completed in 2022. Her first hand experience of the huge mental and physical health benefits of regular movement puts her in a strong position to advocate this for her patients and colleagues.

Telling people what to do frequently fails. People often need inspiring to positively change their lifestyle!