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nutritank is a not-for-profit and the Board Directors are all unpaid volunteers. nutritank has vacancies for volunteers in the following roles:

Current opportunities – July/August 2023

(Ref 102) AI adviser. To advise the company on how best to use the AI tools that are available.

(Ref 103) Articles/blog writers, about food, nutrition and lifestyle medicine including exercise, sleep, stress/burnout, socialising, sex, mental health and alcohol, smoking & substance use. All authors go under ‘Nutritank Writing Team’.

(Ref 104) Medical market researchers on nutrition and lifestyle companies in the UK market.

(Ref 105) Medical market researchers on expert patient groups in the UK.

(Ref 106) Medical market researchers on the accessibility of gyms/leisure centres to the community in the current economic climate

(Ref 107) Social media advocates to engage with our members.

(Ref 108) PR and media liaisons to work with us on TV, Radio and healthcare media.

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