Health Care Professionals and fad diets: What can we do?

This presentation will focus on the prevalence of fad diets, why we find them so attractive and the harms that they can cause. It will encourage the audience to reflect on our own opinions, views and bias and how these can filter through to clinical practice. The presentation will include a call to action – banishing unhealthy diet culture in the workplace, in clinical practice and instead focus on nourishing messages around food and nutrition. It will include some case studies and top tips for reframing unhealthy diet messages.

Event Dates:

7:00 pm Monday 3rd Jun 2024

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  • Understand and appreciate that diet culture is all around us, none of us are immune
  • Understand why image focused diet culture and fad diets are detrimental to health and wellbeing
  • Be aware of actions that they can take in personal life and clinical practice to challenge diet culture
  • Be aware of intuitive eating and appetitie regulation
  • Be aware of top tips for reframing unhealthy messages around food
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