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Using yoga to support the Healing of Trauma (1 CME point) By Ellie Grace

To educate healthcare professionals on the use of trauma informed yoga (affordable, non-pharmocological) to support the healing of trauma

Learning objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of what is trauma?
  • Gain an understanding of the aims of trauma informed yoga and what characterises it
  • Understand the aims of recovery from trauma
  • Understand the ways in which yoga supports the healing of trauma, including what yoga does for the brain and the evidence basis for using yoga.



Event Dates:

12:00 am Monday 10th Jun 2024

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Ellie Grace

Yoga Teacher

Ellie Grace is a yoga teacher with a MA in Yoga Studies from LMU, California. She specialises in the effects of grief and trauma on the mind and body and ways yoga, meditation and writing can help in the healing process. She has worked with war veterans overcoming PTSD as well as designing a university-credited course for medical students on the neurophysiology benefits of yoga. Her mission is yo expand this highly-impactful program into Medical Schools UK-wide.

This webinar is CPD accredited, a certificate will be received to viewer who watch the webinar live and completion of the reflective form linked at the end.

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