Life shot probiotics: Words from the Rhythm Health founder

Our Life Shot probiotic drinks are organic, vegan and live made from our own hand reared cultures!  We only use the finest organic tender young coconut milk without any sugars, sweeteners, preservatives, fillers, pasteurization or powdered bacteria.  Everything is raw and natural just as Mother Nature intended.

We are delighted to have discovered Nutritank, a group of likeminded individuals who are trying to change the concept of medicine to include the importance of good nutrition and lifestyle on health and incorporate it within medical school’s curriculum.

Our powerful Life Shots are crammed full of diverse bacteria.  We source our organic coconuts from the Philippine jungle where their probiotic journey begins from the diverse bacteria of their environment and delivered through their delicious coconut pods. We then combine the coconut milk with our “buzzing with life” cultures to produce a real bioavailable wholefood probiotic. We have had our drinks genetically sequenced by Campden BRI and were found to contain over 100 different types of good lactic acid bacteria!

With over 100 billion live bacteria our Life Shot 100 replenish and balance gut microflora and play an important role in our customers gut health and wellbeing. We have had many customer reviews about their benefits stating that after Calprotectin testing their inflammation level markers have decreased from over 300 to under 25!  

We are now part of clinical trials being held at South Bank University on our Life Shot’s efficacy on gut and brain health. 

Again, congrats to Nutritank who are trying to make important health care changes through diet and lifestyle education, informing not only health professionals but also members of the public so that nutrition and lifestyle go hand and hand with medicine for the health and betterment of all mankind. 

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