Overview of World Cancer Research Fund

By Matt Lambert

Matt Lambert is the Health Information and Promotion Manager for World Cancer Research (WCRF), a leading charity in the area of nutrition and lifestyle medicine interventions and cancer prevention.

Note: Here we have an exceptional article by Matt Lambert of World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF). To view Matt’s recent webinar on diet and lifestyle and cancer prevention, become a member for free today. You can find more amazing resources about nutrition and lifestyle medicine and cancer at www.wcrf.org. 

World Cancer Research Fund

World Cancer Research Fund is a UK cancer prevention charity. They look at how diet, weight and physical activity affect the risk of developing and surviving cancer, and share the evidence with the public, health professionals and policymakers. As part of a network of charities, they have been funding life-saving research, influencing global health policy and informing the public since 1982.

Thirty years ago, World Cancer Research Fund began work on an ambitious project to analyse and summarise all of the relevant research. A large database was constructed to bring together all the research from around the world on diet, body weight, physical activity and cancer. This is called the Global Cancer Update Programme.

Since the programme began, three reports have been published – the first in 1997, the second in 2007 and the most recent in 2018. Their most recent findings were used to update their Cancer Prevention Recommendations, ensuring that everyone – from policymakers to members of the public – has access to the most up-to-date information on reducing cancer risk.

Their Cancer Prevention Recommendations represent a package of Recommendations, which, together, can significantly reduce the risk of developing cancer and other non-communicable diseases

From science to practice

 To help support the public in putting their Recommendations into practice, they produce a range of free Health guides, factsheets and posters, and healthy Recipes and cookbooks. They also offer a free 8-week email behaviour change programme called Activ8, to support people in making healthy changes to their diet and how active they are.

They also offer support to health professionals. Their free package includes a CPD-accredited Cancer Prevention e-Learning course, a quarterly newsletter ‘Informed’, a monthly e-newsletter, and access to free resources for use with their patients and clients.

Beyond their focus in cancer prevention, they extend their support to people living with and beyond cancer. They provide a range of FAQs covering key nutrition topics, free cooking classes for carers and patients, and they also run a Helpline, staffed by oncology dietitians.

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