Want to hear more about one of the largest learned societies for nutrition in the world?

The Nutrition Society is one of the largest learned societies for nutrition in the world. Membership of the Society is open to anyone with a genuine interest in the science of nutrition. Based in London, UK, the Society has over 2,600 members from 87 countries, and continues to realise its original mission from 1941 ‘to advance the scientific study of nutrition and its application to animal and human health’. The Society publishes six renowned journals including the British Journal of Nutrition and Gut Microbiome, six highly regarded textbooks including Clinical Nutrition, and an annual programme of scientific conferences, one of which focuses on medical and clinical applications of nutrition science. 

Although the Society’s mission remains, the landscape surrounding nutrition science continues to evolve at a rapid rate as research advances. Of particular interest to you as medical professionals, will be the continued advancements being made in nutrition science research that inform the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and relate to healthy development and aging throughout the lifespan. Given the increased prevalence of diet and lifestyle related diseases such as obesity, diabetes and fatty liver; now more than ever, we need more interaction between Nutritional Scientists and medical professionals, as originally addressed by Sir John Boyd Orr in 1941. 

The Nutrition Society and Nutritank are already working towards a common goal, through advisory positions on the Association for Nutrition’s Task Force to address nutrition training within the medical profession at a National level. In addition, in hearing the deficits in training that exists in places, the Nutrition Society aims to support Nutritank members by providing accessible evidence-based webinars through our Training Academy (NSTA).

These webinars are 60 minutes and are accessible as both live and pre-record sessions, and are easily accessible to those looking to learn more about nutritional science but are time limited. For medical students and professionals, these quick-fire webinars provide exposure to the most recent evidence-based research related to nutrition, diet and human health and disease. Their accessibility can be worked around the demands positioned on medical professionals. 

Explore the NSTA catalogue and begin your nutrition training to support your clinical practice here. Also, look out for exciting developments with the Introduction to Human Nutrition textbook series webinars being released this spring, as well as the potential for a Clinical Nutrition textbook series webinar to follow.




Website: https://www.nutritionsociety.org 

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Twitter: @NutrtionSoc

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