Dietitian led Nutrition Training

It was a pleasure to meet Nutritank early last year when they started working more closely with The British Dietetic Association (BDA). We’re extremely supportive of getting doctors the right education and training in nutrition. Good nutrition, and enjoyment of food is the corner stone of health, and management of ill health. When someone is well nourished and eating according to their clinical needs; clinical outcomes are improved and medical treatment more effective. A dietitian is a regulated healthcare professional trained to deliver personalised nutritional care, to those with existing medical conditions. To become a dietitian, undergraduate students have to complete 3-4 years at university to include clinical placements. Dietitians are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council, and the BDA is their representing body. The BDA is excited to be producing workshops in collaboration with Nutritank. The modules are produced and delivered by dietitians. The BDA will help to co-ordinate this, and the workshops will be delivered in medical schools across the UK. Personally, I am passionate about training other healthcare professionals in nutrition and when to refer to a dietitian. I worked as a community dietitian for 10 years. Here I spent a lot of time training doctors to include GPs and consultants. I loved it, as often there was a lot of shared learning. I was honoured to produce the first module in the series “Heart Health & The Mediterranean Diet”. To be involved in this work with Nuritank for the BDA is an absolute pleasure.



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