Implementing holistic healthcare: A portfolio GP perspective

I work in the NHS as a portfolio GP in beautiful Yorkshire. I am incredibly passionate about holistic healthcare and the importance of empowering individuals with tools to optimise their health and sense of well being.

I have worked as a GP with an interest in musculoskeletal medicine for the last 15 years, and more recently have completed my Integrative Medicine (IM) Diploma at Masters level. IM is the intelligent combination of conventional, complementary and traditional medicine, and was the model of care I adopted for my own personal recovery from serious ill health. It became apparent to me how good nutrition, physical activity and mindfulness were essential in my recovery, giving me a sense of hope and autonomy.

I believe nutrition education is essential for all health care practitioners if we are to realistically address the downstream effects of poor nutrition on our current global epidemic of ill health. I am thus a huge advocate of Nutri-tank, the inspiring medical student community who are working tirelessly to incorporate evidence-based nutrition training as one of the core modules in all medical schools

As an integrative medicine (IM) physician my clinical practice has been transformed. I feel I now have the tools to help patients navigate their way through the wealth of health informatics in an evidence-based way, reducing the impact of ill health and disease and optimising their wellbeing, and I always start with nutrition. I also run free self-care workshops for patients and colleagues, helping to build resilience and minimise burnout, one of the integral themes in my IM training.


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