Medicos na Cozinha aka Doctors in the Kitchen, spreading the knowledge about culinary medicine in Brazil

The Project Medicos na Cozinha (Doctors in the Kitchen) aims to spread the knowledge in Brazil about culinary medicine by providing doctors with the necessary tools for the development of culinary skills, thus improving their diet and inspiring them to a healthy lifestyle that can be multiplied by their patients. 

We have already carried out 11 editions, around 140 physicians, managing to bring this knowledge to doctors from different specialties, who could replicate what they learned in their counselling practices.  The course is divided in a lecture class of 2 hours: Culinary Medicine, Healthy Eating and Motivational Interview, plus 2 hours hands-on cooking class in which participants learn how to prepare recipes using whole foods and alternative heathier ingredients to cook a complete meal that they could easily replicate at home. 

In addition, we published this year the book Doctors in the Kitchen, the first Brazilian book on culinary medicine and lifestyle, allowing the dissemination of knowledge throughout the country, not only for health professionals, but also for the general population. 

We are working to implement the first culinary medicine course in a medical school next year. In the research area, we have applied an initial questionnaire for participants of our courses and it will be reapplied after 3-6 months of the course to assess the evolution of knowledge and whether doctors are applying what they have learned. The partial results of this research were presented in October at the American College of Lifestyle Medicine Conference, 2019 (Orlando, USA).

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